Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Storefront #1

Here it is! The first kit to be available in this series of Heavy Metal structures. The base size is 7-1/4" wide by 12" in length with an interior space of 6" by 8". The facade is mainly resin castings and wood strips. The sidewalk is plaster only 1/16" thick. This means it is very easy to age the sidewalk if one desires by placing tiny bits of thin scrap under it before gluing it down. All one need do is press. It will chip and fracture in a natural way and then be held in place by the glue. The side walls are Balsa-Foam covered in plastic brick siding. The roof and rear wall are removable. In fact, one could use a sheet of clear plastic for the roof. All parts are included except for the interior flooring (a 1/4" plywood base is included), the interior wall covering and the ceiling material. There are quite a few different materials from which to choose and I leave that up to the builder.

 The front windows above the storefront can be treated as stained glass as I have done. There is an update kit also available that includes a large swamp cooler, a window A/C unit and an electric meter for those that want a slightly more up to date version. Build it as original turn of the century or updated. The aged sign is included.

I will announce here when they are actually in stock. My guess is by August 1st, 2012. My own version will be decked out as a Re-Sale Store, selling all kinds of used merchandise, but it can be used for almost any type of small shop.