Friday, June 21, 2013

1/4" scale Funeral Home

I am posting a few shots of the model I just finished for a client of a Funeral Home. He wanted an old Victorian house converted for this use many years before. It has not seen much rehab over the last 50 years or so. Even the hearse is a classic '36 LaSalle. The model is basically a styrene shell with scribed wood added along with my own cast resin details including windows, doors, A/C units, belt trim and other trim pieces plus corbels. The original house was adulterated with the addition of more rooms at the side and rear. The roof has been patched and the grounds have only received minor care. The client wanted the house to look spooky. I think it does.



  1. Was this model based on an actual house? I ask because I've never seen an oriel quite like that one -- most are much smaller.

  2. Jason,
    Sorry for being tardy for a year! The house is a compilation of many, many individual designs, so it is safe to say it is pretty much free lance.