Sunday, April 22, 2012

A few of my recent miniatures

Well, it looked like the first post worked, so here I go...

I have been a model railroader all of my life. That's a long time. I like trains, however, I would have to classify myself as a miniaturist as I like all miniatures. My real love is structures. I studied architecture in school for years before graduating from the University of Florida with A degree in Advertising Design. I am newly retired from the Walt Disney Company after spending a lot of my professional career as an Imagineer. My love for structures has finally progressed to 1/2" scale dollhouses although some of my older work is in 1/4" scale. I prefer the detail possible in the larger scale.

Another specialty is aging and weathering. I like the look and implied history of structures modeled as such. I am developing a small line of half scale miniatures that will be offered soon. The first of which is the Small Town Store, shown here.

Scale detail is very important to me. I cannot see installing expensive and custom  furnishings into a simplified and poorly detailed shell. To me, the structure is just as important a component as any furnishings are.

I also like to model from real life. Here is a miniature in quarter scale of Head's Mill in Georgia. It is all built from scratch with some parts cast in resin. This is a shelf or wall miniature and is only a flat.

In future posts I will show what I am working on right now, but it will be a few days yet before I shoot new photos.


  1. Head's Mill is my favorite of the two. You have no idea how much I love it.

  2. Thank you Peggy. It is a favorite of mine too. Several people have wanted to purchase it and I have had to politely turn them away. That one I cannot sell. It was built from one photograph on Flickr. After it was built, of course, I found more information on it! Guess its always like that.