Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some shots of the new building flats

Here are a few photos of the flats I've been working on. The Barber is finished, however, the Bar has a little ways to go yet. Half scale of course. Everything is done from scratch except a little brick siding on the Bar. The Barber is hand carved. In most cases it isn't worth it to carve unless you are doing some funny things with the courses. Most of the details are cast resin. The Bar is to represent Mesker Bros. stamped metal siding. The Barber is stucco covered bricks with wooden trim. This one is copied from an actual building on the Historic Buildings List.

These are the prototypes for a series of ready-built miniatures that I will be undertaking shortly. No two will be identical and they will be completely finished as shown. Most of the models available will be really room boxes with finished interiors ready to furnish by the new owners.

I am working now on a two story brick affair with a hexagonal turret. The Bar is available and the two story will be next. The Barber Shop is sold. The footprints for the new series of room boxes will be about 9" to 12" wide by 12" deep including the 4" wide sidewalk out front, yielding an interior space of about 7-1/2".


  1. those are excellent! The bar is my favorite. I especially like the embossed metal siding, the swamp cooler (or air conditioner), and the exposed electrical service and lines. The weathering and finishes are great.

    I can't wait to see the two-story building and the tower.

    1. Thanks Craig! I am working on three more. There is a Victorian storefront done as of about 1924 - kind of original. That one is a room box. The same front will be done as of 1950's.
      Then there is a two story with turret. The turret is done at least! I am also doing a small two story flat of a diner. It is rapidly approaching completion. I have many more "Mesker-type" metal facade pieces done so far in cast resin. Makes work a lot easier!